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Terms and Conditions

We are a leading platform to help students prepare for online competitive exams. In the process, smooth functioning governed by law and order is of utmost importance. This has entitled us to define certain ‘Terms and Conditions’ for using the services of our mobile application. These terms and conditions abide by the laws, rules, and regulations of the governing bodies, relevant jurisdiction, and web content laws. By accessing our services, you represent that you have carefully read the conditions and you agree to bind by the same. If in case you do not abide to agree on the conditions, you will not be authorized to use or access our services. However, at any period of time, we can revise the same. If in case we make amendments, we will keep you posted.


Go ahead and read our ‘Terms and Conditions’.

Defining Our Platform

Our platform is an interactive channel to help you prepare for various online examinations. All the students and aspiring professionals willing to apply for competitive examinations get access to the subject material and various educational activities.

Registering on Our Platform

While registering an account on our platform as a student enrolling for competitive exams, you agree to provide true, relevant, and current information about yourself and your organization. This, in turn, will help us maintain the confidentiality of your account and manage the association smoothly. You stay liable for any actions and performances that took place through your account.

Inappropriate Use of Our Platform

You will not make inappropriate use of our content. You will not upload or provide any sort of content that is abusive, threatening, offensive, or similar content that violates the abiding laws and principles. We hold the copyright, trademark, and privacy of our content. Anyone going against the defining laws of our portal will be restricted from accessing our services. Exam Academy will hold the judgment.

Knowing the Indemnification

Abiding by the terms and conditions, you agree to defend and indemnify our platform, directors, and business partners against any loss, liabilities, and damages. Any false or inaccurate representation made by you will be considered offensive and a strict action will be taken against the same.

Termination of Your Account

At any given point in time, you are allowed to terminate your account if in case you don’t feel like having the access anymore. On the other hand, we hold the sole right to terminate your account if we come across any defensive behavior, inappropriate use, and misleading actions from you. These provisions are made to safeguard the proprietary rights of Exam Academy.  All the content that is available on the platform including the graphics, images, designs, information, audio, software, and other content are the proprietary property of Exam Academy. Even the logos and service marks are the trademark of Exam Academy. Under any circumstance, you cannot copy, download, reproduce, republish, and post any of our content for your personal use. You can simply use the same for educational activities.

Cancellations and Refund Policy

As a general rule of cancellation, all the services that we sell on Exam Academy cannot be canceled once your order. However, we hold the right to cancel the order if we find anyone taking due advantage of our services and our platform. Refunds will be entitled if in case you cancel the subscription before you receive the login for the test material and study material. Once the login details are disclosed or the services are delivered, there will be no refund. If eligible for the refund, the claim will be settled within 14 days. Also, to mention that the mode of refund payment will follow the same model as the original transaction.

Stay in Contract

These Terms and Conditions is a formal agreement between you and Exam Academy and we expect you to follow all the norms and abide by all the terms narrated by us. This will ensure a healthy association and a flawless operation while you prepare yourself for competitive exams. By abiding by the rules, we have mentioned you represent that you are of sound mind, you are legally competent, and you are able to enter into a legally binding contract with us.

Stay Attuned for Amendments!