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Privacy Policy

Protecting Your Privacy with Sheer Intensity

‘Exam Academy’ clearly defines its ‘Privacy Policy’ of its mobile application concerning collection, disclosure, storage, usage, and protection of your personal information during the course of interaction. We do understand that your privacy is your foremost concern and trust we too consider it a priority without hampering your association with Exam Academy.

Please read the privacy policy carefully before using or accessing our services. Let us also clarify what we term here as ‘Services’. The exams uploaded, study material available, and other associated resources embedded for use are termed as ‘Services’. On the other hand, the application we have designed for the aspiring youth of today is termed as ‘Platform’.

Protecting Your Personal Information

When you use our platform either through the application, you have to register and create a login account for yourself. In the process, we gather information from you. This is the information like your name, date of birth, gender, contact numbers, address, email address, and geographic location you mention while registering an account on our platform. You also tend to share the same information when you need to purchase a test series or attempt a mock test for the upcoming exam.  Further, when you make online payments for the exam you need to enter your financial details including your credit card, net banking, or other payment details. All the aforementioned information is necessary and permissible. However, under all scenarios, we work with stringent safety, technical, and organizational measures to ensure that each and every piece of information that you enter to secure your career in the most fruitful manner stays safe with us. 

We solely use the information to validate your account, sending you updates on any amendments in the privacy policy, sending you promotional offers, and manage our business with complete transparency. In case you refuse to provide the aforementioned information, we hold the right to refuse your account with us.

However, there are possibilities that you may share some of your information through the services you opt for. Under such a scenario, we are not liable for any exchange of information. That transmission is purely at your personal risk.

Sharing Your Personal Information

As a strict measure, we will not reveal, share or exploit your personal information with any individual or service provider without your consent or permission. However, under certain contracts, we may undergo limited disclosure of your personal information for legal necessity. Suppose in case any of your information excluding your financial information is requested by government agencies, governing bodies, or courts for verification, detection, criminal activity, or investigation. In that case, we are bound to share the information.

We also share limited information with our business partners and service providers for the sole purpose of improving our platform with better functionalities. However, all the data will be shared under strict contractual provisions so that the confidentiality and security of your data can be preserved to the highest possible level.

Improving Our Platform with Automatically Stored Information

There are certain service providers who integrate and update technologies to smoothen the functioning of our mobile application. During the course of your interaction with our platform, there are possibilities that the advanced technologies automatically gather some information about you purely for transactional and promotional purposes.  The embedded technologies often gather the log files from your device and browser to help us access some relevant details like IP address, device ID, your network operator, and your operating system. This information is a step towards betterment in a way because it helps us to validate your identity and understand your personalized needs.

Further to that, cookies are gathered to keep track of information based on your interaction with social media platforms and other websites. Moreover, the technologies also work to automatically gather web beacons to help us improve the functionality of our platform and mobile analytics data to customize the functionality of our platform.

Safeguarding Your Sensitive Data

The most sensitive data that you enter during your interaction with our platform is your financial data that includes the credit card details, bank details, and other payment details. To process your payment in a flawless manner, much of your basic information is automatically collected but then your financial details is encrypted with a secured payment gateway. This assures that we don’t get any access to your sensitive data and it stays secured with the encryption. We are connected with authorized payment gateway providers to keep strict adherence to our Privacy Policy.

Getting Access to Third Party Websites or Applications

The platform is connected to many third party vendors and service providers. Hence, there are possibilities that you may find links to third parties on our platform. This is to have a clear mention that if you deal with any association or service contract with the third party, we are not liable for that association. Our privacy policy does not apply when you switch over from our platform to any third party website. So, access the links at your own risk.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

Exam Academy holds the right to make changes in the Privacy Policy at any point of given time. Your access or usage of the platform includes your acceptance to abide by the changes for a smooth association. However, the changes will be updated and you will be subject to the latest version of rules and guidelines. Please stay attuned to the page for latest amendments to our privacy policy. 

Get in Touch

Exam Academy has defined a clear perspective of its Privacy Policy. However, if still there is something you need to know, understand, or learn about our rules of working, kindly contact us at or +91-9404092923.